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A great road will show you how majestic the nature of Vietnam is. You will be explored from the most majestic waterfall to the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. Together, cross the beautiful trails of Cao Bang, learn about the life of the Nung ethnic group. And Ba Be Lake – where you will be overwhelmed with the magnificent beauty of Ba Be lake, national park, discover the mystery of the caves deep in the ground and meet the Tay ethnic people. Probably the best tour to discover the North Vietnam off the beaten track !



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Our guide will pick you up at your hotel at 8:00 AM and head north towards Cao Bang. travel time is about 5 hours on the pass roads through Lang Son.
Lunch at 13.00 at a local restaurant in Cao Bang city, then trek off the beaten path from Cun stream, through fields and valleys to Phia Thap incense village (a traditional handicraft village made of traditional handicrafts Incense of the Nung ethnic minority). Tonight we will spend the night in the village stilt house of the Nung ethnic group and enjoy dinner together.

A 10 ~ 12km trek.

We will set out to explore the traditional craft villages of Cao Bang after breakfast. The first stop is Phia Thap village, a Nung community famous for making incense for more than 100 years. Then we will continue the journey through the fields to come to the tile making village with yin and yang tile style. Next stop, Phuc Sen forging village. Here we will witness the stages of forging knives of the people here. Next is the knitting village of the Nung ethnic group.
We will have a picnic lunch before going to the paper-making village of the Nung here.
After that, we will return to the traditional house of the Nung in the incense village and enjoy dinner together.

A 17 ~ 20 km.

Today, we continue to cross the fields and hills from Quang Uyen to Ban Gioc waterfall after breakfast. Nestled among these amazing landscapes is the breathtaking Ban Gioc waterfall that stretches over 300 meters, bisecting Vietnam and China. We will have some time here to enjoy the great atmosphere around the falls, this is a great opportunity to take some great photos.
Once you’ve finished at the falls, it’s time to head over to Nguom Ngao Cave, for a very different, but no less impressive natural wonder. The cave stretches for 2,144 meters underground and is brimming with incredible stalactites and stalagmites.
After lunch at a local restaurant, we will then return to Cao Bang town and head down the “snake pass” to Ba Be Lake (situated in the Ba Be National Park), where we will stay overnight in a homestay constructed in traditional Tay fashion and owned and operated by a local Tay family. Here we can relax and unwind from the day and enjoy a delicious and authentic home cooked meal.

A 10 ~ 12 km of an easy off the beaten track hike

Breakfast at homestay then after a thirty-minute drive, you’ll reach Tham Phay Cave, the hike starts with a steep uphill leading into the forest. Some rock at the top, and then a similar slope before the trail fades and you enter the valley. Turning west of the trail is a large patch of rock for you to find your way through, with the help and direction of your guide and safety team. The precarious entrance is at the end of the forest. Enjoy some snacks before starting to explore the cave.
Tham Phay Cave is a beautiful river cave with two underground river tributaries, where you will experience narrow passages, craggy mountains and some deep pools with very nice photo opportunities. Plants and algae cover many calcite formations. Going deeper into the cave, you will find many unusual features of the cave such as the ceiling dome and many layers of rock, giving the walls a striking appearance. You will spend about five hours exploring this 5km deep river cave, which geologists have not discovered so far. Of course, we will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as helmets and powerful headlights. The cave expands considerably as you go through the original entrance and offers some great opportunities for excellent photos.
Enjoy a few snacks before continuing the journey to explore the 2nd path of the cave system that possesses miraculous stalagmites millions of years old, dangerous sinkholes and heat flows at the bottom .
Leaving Tham Phay, you will return to the cave entrance and return to Mr Linh’s homestay.

A 15 ~ 20 km trek.

After breakfast we’ll kick the final day of the tour off by boarding a boat to Puong Cave. It’s up to you how to spend your time on the boat, whether it’s relaxing and enjoying the views or going for a swim in the cool waters to refresh yourself “kayaking and swimming are available”. The views consist of stunning karst formations all around you are covered with patches of wild vegetation and rich wildlife. You will have lunch in Mr Linh’s homestay before going back to Hanoi.
About 5:30 pm, you will be in Hanoi and it’s time to say your goodbyes to your guide and drive.
End of the tour.

A 7 ~ 10 km trek.

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