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Adventure Indochina Travel is one of the leading Tour Operators in the Indochina Area, providing comprehensive services for groups and individuals in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Established in 2009 by qualified professionals with more than ten years of experience in the tourism industry Adventure has constantly strived to provide a high-quality service to all of our clients for corporate tours, private tours, and group tours.


Adventure Indochina Travel Team

Mr. Hai Nguyen

Hello! My name is Hai Nguyen. I was born in the peaceful countryside part of Hanoi. I am very happy to provide and share with anyone who loves travel all the information about Indochina tourism such as famous attractions, hotels, cruises, travel tips, etc. Adventure Indochina Travel provides me with a great environment to express my knowledge, and ideas and friendly colleagues feel like a family to me.

Alex Ha
Marketing & Sale

Warmest greetings from Adventure Indochina Travel! My name is Alex Ha. Firstly, I would like to give a short introduction about myself. I studied at Hanoi Open University, Faculty of Tourism, and have been working in Adventure Indochina Travel since I graduated. I am very happy to deal with and take care of customers during the tour. We hope to bring the most true experiences from exciting journeys or destinations. I love my work!

Sale and Travel Consultant

Mr. Thien Tran

Hello from Vietnam! My name is Thien, I work as a travel consultant at Adventure Indochina Travel, one of the leading travel agencies in Indochina. Being a member of Adventure Indochina Travel is a great chance for me to share our beautiful country, lovely people, and well-reserved culture & history of Vietnam and Indochina.

Marketing and Travel Consultant

Hi, I am Quynh, I am keen on traveling and want to introduce my beautiful country, culture, and people to friends from all over the world and from Vietnam as well. Adventure Indochina Travel gives me a great opportunity to work in the position of Travel consultant. With my experience, dynamic, and enthusiastic, I am committed to providing services of the highest standard to my customers to ensure that your experience is satisfying and you enjoy many unforgettable moments when traveling with us.

Minh Nhat
Travel Consultant

Hi everyone, I am Minh Nhat. My passion is traveling all around Vietnam and other countries so that reason why I really love to work in Tourism companies, especially in Adventure Indochina Travel, one of the best travel agencies in Indochina.

Minh Anh
Sale Executive

Xin chào! I am Minh Anh. My favorite quote is “Life is short, and the world is wide.” That is the reason why my passion is traveling. I’d love to share my knowledge & experiences to introduce my beautiful country, culture, and people to friends all over the world.

Nancy Trang
Marketing Executive

Hey guys! I’m Nancy Trang. I am keen on traveling. If COVID-19 hadn’t appeared, I wouldn’t have stopped leaving my footprints in the world. That’s why I’m here to inspire you guys who have the same passion as me. Let’s hit the road now!!!

Donna Dat
Marketing Executive+TourGuide

Welcome to Vietnam! I’m Donna Dat, a Marketing Content Writer at Adventure Indochina Travel. I’m kind of introverted and eager to learn new things. And traveling is the best way to broaden my mind. That’s the reason why I’m really keen on sharing my knowledge and experiences of traveling throughout Vietnam as well as the Indochina region. It’s my pleasure to guide you in learning about new cultures in the world.



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