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You can pay us by:

– Credit card (pay online via Onepay system or Paypal): we will send you a payment link to pay through One pay when we meet directly in Hanoi (But the bank will charge you 3% commission. 

– Cash: you can pay us by cash (VND, USD, AUD, EUR – exchanged by local rate – Vietcombank) at our Hanoi office or at your hotel in Hanoi. 

– Bank Transfer (all sides of bank fee paid by you): for the large amount of money (> 2000USD ), you can pay us through bank transfer to reduce the bank fee. For our bank account details, please see: Payment Method.

Notice: Please fill exactly Account Number, Account Name & Swift code – It’s very important for smoothly receiving your money.

The deposit is required to guarantee your reservation (tours, hotels, transfer, etc.). After receiving your deposit, we’re going to reserve the services for you. So the deposit is required to secure your booking. Normally, 30% of total cost will be required for deposit at the booking time. For some urgent cases or special types of promotion, we will require full payment at the booking time.

To make payments through our website we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Maestro Online.

By booking tours in advance on our company , you will be applicable to our company  Best Price Guarantee, which means if you find the same tour or activity sold for less, we will refund the difference. Terms and Conditions apply.

The benefit of buying attraction booking in advance on our company  means you are able to purchase tickets to different attractions at the same time. Many of our entrance tickets are fast-track tickets so you can beat the queues and save time on your holiday!

Special offers are exclusive online offers and are unavailable over the phone. If you have any questions with regards to the tour/activity our call centre will happily be able to assist you with these.

Amendments can only be made to coach tours. Please call us 24 hours prior to your tour’s departure time and date.

For full and half day coach tours, a refund will only be made if you cancel over 24 hours before your tour. If you cancel later than this, you will not be refunded. All fast-track entrance tickets, open top bus tours, Overnight Tours and lunch and dinner products cannot be cancelled once booked.

You will automatically receive an e-voucher to your email address. Please print your voucher/ticket which contains your unique reference number. Please remember to bring this with you on the day. You will not be allowed entrance to an attraction without a valid ticket.

for group tour just pick up at hotels in Hanoi old quarters.

Depending on the tour, our full day coach excursions generally return to Hanoi old quarter around from 17:00 to 20:30

The driver has to drop off at hotels in Hanoi old quarter for group tour

We are offering about one hundred tours samples, however, in case none of them match your inquiry, please click on the tab tailor-made tour, fill up all requested information so We can catch up what your plan is. Our expert will process and create a trip matching your request with useful information.

In order to book any tour, you just need to select your preferred tour(s), all tour-related information is available and sufficient by different tabs, and then click “Book this tour” on our website. News Travel booking form template will automatically call trip tour name, you will be asked to fill in the existing fields. Once the form has been filled up, please click “Submit” to send you tour inquiry to News Travel  for your inputs to be processed. You may also “Reset” to cancel information you have just filled up. After your booking request has been received, all necessary arrangements will be made in accordance with your inquiry. Normally, we will respond you within 1-2 business days. Confirmation message will be sent to you by email with all required details including payment terms& conditions.

In order to book any tour, choose your preferred tour and click on “Book This Tour”. As our policy, if the booking value (in total of all guests in your party) is less than 500USD, you need to sign the booking voucher sent by us as your confirmation for the reservation, the balance of total package will be paid upon your arrival ahead of your departure date. In case, the booking value exceeds 500USD, a deposit ranging from 20-40% is required depending on the time the booking is confirmed ahead of your departure. For any cases, the balance of the tour package must be fully paid ahead of your departure.

Under the booking page, all information related to your tour package is provided, all inclusions and exclusions are mentioned at our booking confirmation sent to you. Tipping is not compulsory. If you are satisfied with service of our guides, drivers.., a small gesture is an appropriate way to show your appreciation to them.

We offers a strong, professional and multilingual guide team nationwide. Those guides are carefully selected for their experience, rich knowledge, excellent language and communication skills, commitment, professionalism, and personalities. They are not just pure guides but also your dedicated friends, trusted companions during and after the trip. Travelling with News Travel definitely offers you awesome opportunities to have wonderful new friends.

We guarantee to provide you with the safest and the most comfortable means of transportation.

The climate and temperature in Vietnam are quite changeable and different regions by regions. At a certain time of a year, the climate may be good in some region while not so good in the others. You can tell us what your interests are so we can better advise you for suitable tours.

Vietnam is 12 hours ahead of New York, 7 hours ahead of London, 1 hour behind Perth and 3 hours behind Sydney.

Vietnam is considered as among the safest countries to visit, however, there are increasing instances of theft in Ho Chi Minh city where snatch thieves and pickpockets on motorcycles are the worst. So the tip here is you should be vigilant all the time. You shouldn’t bring with you valuables such as expensive watches, jewelries, etc)

As our advice, you should try food in small local restaurants, that’s the best way for you to feel the local breath in terms of food culture. Most of expensive restaurants in Vietnam quote their menu in local currency while in the middle of the range, the rates may be both in USD and VND. While choosing a place for eating, we strongly recommend you choose places which are busy and look well-scrubbed, a stick to fresh, thoroughly cooked food. Restaurants where you can see food cooked, eg: steaming bowls of noodle soup along a street tall, are often a good bet and being a lot of fun.

Vietnam Dong is the official currency in Vietnam, which you can’t purchase or difficult to purchase outside of the country. Major Banks in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city can handle quite a lot of different currencies, however, USD is the most widely accepted. So we recommend taking a combination of USD cash, USD traveler’s cheques with the bulk in traveler’s cheques for safety reasons. American Express, Visa are the most popular brands.

You can change cash and travelers’ cheques at big hotels or at authorized foreign exchange banks in main cities. Outside the main cities and tourist area, authorized foreign exchange banks are few and far between.  So if heading off the beaten path, remember to stock up with enough cash (USD or VND) to the last trip.

Wherever you travel to, you’ll always find someone willing to change dollars cash into VND, though rates will vary. When receiving dong, you’ll be presented with a huge pile of notes. Refuse any badly torn notes and ask for a mix of denominations so that you always have a few low-value notes in hand.

Test Despite of the fact that Vietnamese government attempts to outlaw the practice, the US Dollars still acts as an alternative currency which is almost completely interchangeable with Vietnam Dong. Many prices, especially for hotels, tours and expensive restaurants, are still quoted in USD, though you can pay in dong if you’d rather – just check what exchange rate they’re using.

For everyday expenses, we recommend you carry a mix of US Dollars cash and Vietnam Dong. For larger items or when the exchange rate works in your favour, use dollars. For cyclos, local food stalls and small purchases, it’s best to use Vietnam Dong. In either case, make sure you always have a stock of small notes so that there is no need to worry about change.

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